What are the Performance Tests? Why is it Done?

Today, developed countries prefer sports fields instead of war fields to demonstrate their superiority to each other. This is why; athletes are considered as gladiators of the modern age. In addition, the fact that sports became a huge billions of dollars, the Olympics are organizations that show strength rather than entertainment, therefore, the success of clubs and countries has increased. For these reasons, such an emphasis is placed on a developable component such as performance. On-site or off-site, direct or indirect tests / measurements are made. Although it is called “Performance Tests”, it is also applied for determining the state of health, which is a prerequisite for performance, and to take precautions by determining the risks in advance.

Performance Tests:

  • – Vertical Leap
  • – 30 meters speed test
  • – Posture Analysis
  • – FMS, disability risk analysis
  • – NoardBoard Hamstring Muscle Strength Measurement
  • – Isokinetic Muscle Strength Measurements
  • – Star Balance Test, Y Balance Balance Test
  • – Upper Limb Explosion Measurement with Medical Ball Shooting
  • – 1 TM Test (It can be taken too repetitive.)
  • – LPT (Bar Lift Speed ​​Meter)
  • – Agility Measurements (such as T Test, 505, Pro-Agility)
  • – Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity Measurements (YoYo, Conconi)