How do you become a sports physio?

A sports physio is a registered physiotherapist who has achieved further study after completing a physiotherapy degree – in which students achieve an understanding of the physical, structural and the physiological aspects of human form and movement.To become a sports physio, you will first need to complete a four-year Bachelor degree in physiotherapy.Alternatively, you can complete an associated Bachelor degree, such as in exercise physiology, followed by a postgraduate qualification in physiotherapy.Physiotherapists can later choose to practice in sports physiotherapy but are unable to refer to themselves as a sports physio until they have achieved titled membership of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).The APA title is a professional mark of distinction that recognises highly qualified members with advanced expertise and experience in their area of practice.Physiotherapists can either apply to pursue an academic pathway or an experiential pathway to achieve a sports physio title.The academic route requires physios to complete an APA-approved Masters course, at least two years’ full-time equivalent clinical experience in physiotherapy, showing evidence of working in the relevant field, as well as current APA membership of the relevant national group.The experiential pathway is a two-stage process with the first stage requiring physios to achieve at least five years’ full-time equivalent clinical or practical experience with evidence of at least three years’ in the relevant practice area.They must also hold current APA membership of a relevant national group, and show evidence of having engaged in a range of educational programs to improve their knowledge in the relevant field.The second stage of the process involves a written exam/portfolio and a practical exam.